Bushra Mohamed Sami Alasadi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Administration and Economics - ( Head of the Department )
[email protected]
Scientific and scientific biography of Dr. Bush Mohammed Sami Hassan First: Personal Information 1- The fourth name and title: Boshra Mohammed Sami Hassan Said Asadi.i. - Gender: Fem Religion: Muslim plase and date of birth: Kufa - Najaf- 1/7/1965 Nationality: Iraqi E-mail: [email protected] 2- Completed primary, intermediate and intermediate school in Najaf. 3. Housing and Births: Najaf / Al-Furat District, 1965 4- Completed her university studies at the University of Mosul and received a Bachelor's degree in Statistics for the academic year 1986-1987 5- She was appointed to the presidency of the University of Kufa on 22-12-1988 and held several responsibilities and administrative positions at the university. 6 - received the honor of the ideal woman at the University of Kufa in 1993. 7 - Teaching the principles of statistics (practical) the first phase and the material design experiments (Practical) Phase III and the computer (practical) for the first and second phase in the Faculty of Agriculture. 8 - I got the honor of the distinguished employee in the Faculty of Agriculture as well as the outstanding student in the Faculty of Management and Economics in the same year 2005 9 - I received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and was the first on the University of Kufa for the academic year 2006-2007. 10- It has a number of researches published individually and in the scientific journals of the universities of Kufa, Babil, Karbala and Al-Bayt in Karbala, the Arab future and the Islamic University and Libya . 11 - Current work title: University of Kufa / Faculty of Economic and Administration-Department of Tourism. 12. Degree: Ph.D. Business Administration 13. General Jurisdiction: Business Administration. 14. Precise jurisdiction: financial management. 15. Scientific title: Teacher 2015