azhar niema abugnem ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Administration and Economics - ( Director )
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University of Kufa Faculty of Administration and Economics Department of Business Administration Name : Azhar Neama Abdul-Zahra Scientific Title : Teacher Dr. Degree : Doctorate in Business Specialization: Marketing Management Date of obtaining a master's degree : 2000 : University of donor : University of Kufa , Iraq Date of obtaining a Ph.D. : 2007 University donor : Mustansiriya University , Iraq Address: Iraq - Najaf - Kufa University College of Management and Economics Azhar. [email protected] azharn.abugnem @ Job title : Head of Branch Tourism Management / Faculty of Management and Economics studied in the initial studies 1. Tourism marketing _ the third stage Tourism Management 2. Customer relationship management _ the fourth stage Tourism Management 3. Production and Operations Management _ the fourth stage - in Business 4. quantitative methods _ the second stage - in Business 5. administrative control _ the fourth stage - in Business 6. Marketing banking _ the third stage - Science in Finance and Banking 7. English _ the third stage - Tourism Management 8. microeconomics - the first stage - the College of Arts 9. Principles of Computer - the first stage - the College of Arts 10. Supply Management - Phase II - Business Administration studied in graduate 1. Article Human Resource Management , Master of preliminary 2. Organizational behavior , Diploma hospitals 3. Article Total Quality Management , Master of Business Administration 4. Article Marketing Health , Hospital Administration Diploma 5. Article tourism administration , Master of Business Administration 6. Article Marketing Management , Master of Business Administration 7. Production and Operations Management , Master of preliminary Research published and closed 1. Global Marketing Strategies , Journal of Ghadeer for the Humanities 2. measuring the quality of higher education services from the perspective of the beneficiary , the magazine of the Islamic University 3. enable workers and its impact on crisis management marketing Empirical Study in Hilla textile factory , magazine Ahlgre 4. internal marketing strategies and its impact on the quality of service banking , Journal of Arts 5. Strategic leadership and its role in the formulation of marketing strategy leadership in business organizations , Journal of Management Science Qadisiyah and economic 6. transformational leadership and its impact on strategic flexibility , Journal of Management Science Karbala and economic 7. the adoption of continuous improvement as an input to achieve the value of the customer 8. Citizenship and marketing Drorha the reputation of the organization , magazine Ahlgre College of Management and Economics Supervision of the Research and Studies 1. Creative thinking and its role in achieving competitive advantage 2. Organizational culture and its impact on soundly career 3. Leadership Styles and their impact on organizational commitment 4. Medical information technology and its impact on organizational innovation strategies 5. Continuous improvement and its role in achieving value from the customer's perspective 6. The possibility of the adoption of the dimensions of service quality in the marketing of health studied in graduate 1. Quality Management Health / Management Diploma hospitals 2. Human Resource Management / Management Diploma hospitals 3. Organizational Behavior / Management Diploma hospitals 4. Health Marketing / Management Diploma hospitals 5. Production and Operations Management / Master preview 6. Marketing Management / Master preview 7. Human Resource Management / Master preview of Business Tourism / MBA 8. Total Quality Management / MBA 9. Marketing Management / MBA Lectures thrown in seminars, courses and conferences 1 transformational leadership lectures / lecture at the administrative leadership of the deans of faculties of the University of Kufa 2 to participate in a conference at the University of Kufa quality / zooq