Azhar Yaseen Al-Murshedi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Education for Women - Chemistry
[email protected]
Welcome to my portfolio's website In this website you can see all information and documents collected on my academic progress, contribution and achievements during the academic year. Name: Azhar Yaseen Muhi Al-Murshedi I have got B.Sc. in general chemistry (2002) and M.Sc. in Analytical chemistry (2008) from University of Kufa (IRAQ). I have got a PhD degree in deep eutectic solvents-water mixture from chemistry department at University of Leicester ( United Kingdom ), in 2018 BSc and MSc (Kufa University), PhD (Leicester University). Degree: PhD in Study behavior of Deep eutectic solvents- water mixture Publications: 6 h-index: 4 RG- index: 11.29 Email: [email protected] and [email protected]