Azhar Mousa Al-Turaihi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine ( Head of the Department )
[email protected]
Curriculum vitae (C.V) 1. Surname:- Al-Toriahi 2. Full Name:- Azhar Mosa jafer Al-Toriahi 3. Date of birth:- 17/11/1963 4. Place of birth:- Najaf – Iraq 5. Marital Status:- Un married 6. Nationality:- Iraq 7. Address for correspondence:- Kufa College of Medicine, Kufa, Najaf, Iraq P.O. 18. Telephone:- Home 00964 33 368565 00964 33 330863 Mobile: 00964 7801009455 E.mail: [email protected] 8.Present occupation:- 1996- till now Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Al-Zahraa teaching hospital in Najaf. 2008-till now Consultant in Fertility & IVF Center –Al Sadder teaching Hospital Najaf 2004-till now Assistant professor in Obstetrics & Gynecology. 1997-2003 Head of department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, College of Medicine-Kufa University. 2004-2008 Assistant of the dean of college of Medicine – kufa University 2008- till now Head of the Iraqi Board –Gynecology & Obstetrics – AlNajaf Center 2013- till now Head Of The department Of Obst. & Gyne. – kufa Medical College 9. Academic Qualification obtained:- M.B.Ch.B. Baghdad University, 1987 D.G.O. (Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynecology), Baghdad University, 1996. F.I.C.M.S. Fellowship of Iraqi Commission for Medical specialization,1996. LRCOG 2 Royal College – London October-November 2005 Diploma in minimal invasive invasive surgery – Global university- laparoscopy hospital –Newdelhi 2008 10.past Jobs & Professional qualification obtained:- * From Aug. 1987 to Dec. 1988 rotational in teaching hospitals in Al- Najaf and including the following branches: Gyne & Obst, Pediatrics, E.N.T., orthopedics, surgery, emergency unit, medicine, C.C.U. * From Feb. 1989 to March 1990 as a clinical practice in the rural areas. * From March 1990 to august. 1992 a senior house officer (permanent)in Obstetrics & Gynecology. * From August. 1992 to Dec.1996 as a registrar and senior registrar in Obstetrics & gynecology during the study for the F.I.C.M.S.- Medical city-Baghdad. Alkathomia teaching hospital * 1997-2004 lecturer in Obstetrics & Gynecology/Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology ,Kufa college of Medicine, University of Kufa. * 2004 till now assisted Professor in Obstetrics. & Gynecology/ Department of Obstetrics . & Gynecology .Kufa College of Medicine – specialist in Obstetrics & gynecology – Al zahraa Teaching hospital in Najaf *1996- till now Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Al-Zahraa teaching hospital in Najaf. *2008-till now Consultant in Fertility & IVF Center –Al Sadder teaching Hospital Najaf 11.English Qualification:- Pass the Rewardence examination in English language of the ministry of the higher education-Baghdad university. 12.Professional& Scientific Committees:- a) Member of Iraqi Medical Association. b) Member of Committee of Iraqi Obstetricians & Gynecologist. c) Member of Iraqi Committee of diabetes. d) Member of Iraqi center for Infertility. e) Member of Middle Euphrates Unit for Cancer Researches. f) Member of Scientific Committee- College of Medicine. g) Member of the Committee of College of Medicine. h) Member of many Scientific Committees for discussion of the studies & researches of the higher education students. g)Member Of ESHRE ( European society of reproductive & embryology ) i ) Member Of ASRAM ( American Society Of Reproductive Medicine ) 13)Experience: 1. Training at U.K hospitals Santhomas. & Gyes. in London in gynecology & Obstetrics wards & theaters & special training in IVF in Gyes. hospital . 2. Training at Royan institute for I.V.F. in Tehran for 3 months 3 . Training at Farah hospital – I.V.F center in Jordan for 3 weeks 4. Teaching& supervision on many ( D. G. O. F.I.C.G.O & Arabic board in Ostetrics. & Gyne. Master In assisted reproductive technology) post graduate students since 1999 5. Qualification certificate in teaching methods. 6. Participation certification teaching programme. 7. Participation certificate in Iraq Health System Strengthening Project (IHSSP) Feb.2004 8.Attend Eshre conferances for the last three years 2013 - Turkia Istanbul 2014 – Germany – Munich 2015- Lisbon- Portugal 9.attend ASRAM conference 2016 Salt Lake ( USA ) 14.Publications:- All are edited or submitted to edition 1) Trials Of normal vaginal delivery after caesarean section. 1999 2) Incidence of anemia among pregnant & non pregnant women in Najaf. 1999 3) Comparison study between F.N.A and open biopsy in ovarian tumors. 1999 4) Incidence of congenital malformation in Najaf at 2000. 5) Placental biopsy in preterm labour. 2000 6) The role of IgG in the process of initiation of labour. 2001 7) Epidemiology of hydatidiform mole in Najaf . 2001 8) Diagnosis & therapeutic value of D&C in abnormal uterine bleeding .2002 9) Study of cases of Ectopic pregnancy in Najaf. 2003 10) Teenager pregnancy ,Its outcome & complications. 2003 11) Induction of labor, Causes & outcome in Zahraa teaching hospital in Najaf. 2004 12) Glycosylated Hb a1c and infertility . 2004 13) Study Of Clinical Features Of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom IN RELATION TO SOME Biochemical hormonal assessment and ultrasound finding 2006 14) Head pushing versus reverse breech extraction in delivery of impacted fetal head during cesarean section 2006 15) Maternal & perinatal outcome in relation to platlete count in sever pre-eclampsia 16) Comparism between laoroscopy & Hysterosalpangiography in diagnosis of fallopian tube patency 2006 17) Serum Uric acid measurement in pre-eclampsia & related to risk of preterm labour. 2007 18) Maternal Central haemodynamic in pre-eclampsia - STYDY 2008 19) The effect Of Bilateral oopherectomy On lipid Profile In pre-menopausal woman 20) Vainal acidity & its effect on Efficacy of vaginal misopristol for induction of mid trimester abortion 2008 21) The effect of acute maternal hydration on amniotic fluid volume in 3rd. trimester oligohydramnious 2009 22) Value of the serum estradiol level on 3rd. day controlled ovarian hyperstimulation as a predictor of pregnancy success in ART 2010 23) The levonorgestril intrauterine system in the management of menorraghia . 2010 24) Metformin plus clomid effect on polycystic ovarian syndrome in comparism with clomid alone 2010 25) Dyslibidemia in early 2nd. Trimester is mainly a feature of woman with early onset pre-eclampsia 2011 26) Plasma concentration of AntiProthrombin in woman with recurrent spontaneous abortion 2011 27) The outcome of ICSE & traditional IVF in al- Sadde fertility center _ najaf 2012 28) Serum lipid profile in pregnancy complicated by pre-eclampsia 2013 29) Analysis of the failure rate of ICSE in Al- sadder fertility center - najaf 2013 30) Association of Antichlamydia antibody with ectopic pregnancy 2014 31) Relationship between neonatal low 32) birth weight and maternal serum zinc concentration 2014 33) The incidence of Postpartum haemorrhage after spontaneous and induced vaginal delivery versus elective and emergency Caesarean section at Al- zahrra teaching Hospital In najaf – 2015 34) Assessment of all cases of postmenopausal bleeding in Al- Najaf governorate during 2015 Conference and Congresses 1- Al-Najaf fourth Medical congress 12-13/3/2000 2- The 37th Iraqi Medical association Congress - Bagdad 15-18/2002 3- Congress in Laparoscopic Surgery Mosel- Iraq 13-15/2002 4- Training In Breast Feeding 27-30/2002 5- Al-Najaf Fifth Medical Congress 25-27/12/2001 6- The first Iraqi-Jordanian Congress – Iraqi association for infertility Beirut 2002 7- The Second Iraqi congress in infertility .Iraqi association for infertility Baghdad 6-10/3/2002 8- First Iraqi national Congress of Obstetrics & Gynecology . Basra – Iraq- 2000 9- Second Iraqi national Congress of Obstetrics & Gynecology –Baghdad 2001 10- Second Medical Congress for Kufa Medical College Najaf 5-6/11/2006 11- Congress Of Iraqi association in infertility Cairo- Egypt may/2006 12- Work shop training in Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy in Jordan November-2003 13- Training for Trainer – W.H.O Babylon – Iraq 2007 14- Congress for Arab Doctors Association in Europe – Istanbul- Turkey 2004 15- Congress for Arab Doctors Association in Europe – He Lebo- Syria 2006 16- Fellow Ship program Sponsored By the RCOG – London November & December 2006 17- Congress of Royan I.V.F. center – Tehran Iran – January 2007 18- Training course in reproductive gynecology German may 2012 19- Traing course in reproductive Gynecology France Aril 2013-08-24 20- Congress of Iraqi Medical association in infertility Arbil march 2013 21- Attend Eshre conferances for the last three years 22- 2013 - Turkia Istanbul 23- 2014 – Germany – Munich 24- 2015- Lisbon- Portugal