azal taha almusawi ( Assistant Lecturer )
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University of Kufa / Faculty of jurisprudence / Department of doctrine and Islamic thought Curriculum Vitae personal information Name and title: Taha Abdel Wahab Al - Musawi Date of birth: 17 \ 2 \ 1980 E-mail: [email protected] Date of appointment: 2 \ 12 \ 2002 General Specialty: Mathematics Specialization: Algebra Achievement: Master of Mathematics Certificate: Kufa University / College of Education for Girls Place of work: University of Kufa / College of jurisprudence Publications: 3 1) Some Results on Special Kind of Algebra 2) Closed Ideal with Respect a Binary Operation * on BCK-Algebra 3) Using An Accelerating Method With The Trapezoidal And Mid-Point Rules To Evaluate The Double Integral With Continuous Integers Numerically