Ayad Kadhum Jalw ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Political Sciences - Political Science
[email protected]
Dr. Eyad Kazem Glow Place and date of birth: Najaf, 1974. Address: Najaf, Al-Amir District Marital status: Married. Certificate: Bachelor of Baghdad University, 1999, MA, Mustansiriya University 2004, Ph.D., University of Baghdad, 2015. Scientific title: Assistant Professor.  Work: University Professor. Teaching the subject of diplomacy and the rule of governance in the Arab world and the Palestinian cause and human rights and the history of contemporary Iraq. Place of work: Faculty of Political Science / University of Kufa. Positions: The functions of the law department, as well as the central committee in the college, the sub-committees and others.   He holds a certificate of the number of professional trainers from the Arab League in Cairo.     : Published many scientific research in international relations, including:  1 - Syrian position towards the problems of contemporary Iran. 2 - Israeli infiltration into Eritrea.   3. The Cyprus problem. 4- The challenges faced by Muslims in Andalusia 5. The political project of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) in his reign to Malik bin Ashtar 6. Iran's nuclear program 7. Intellectual Security and the Challenges of Globalization 8. The Kufic Line in Morocco and Andalusia 9. Underdevelopment and Causes of Development in Arab-Islamic Societies.   : Holds the identity of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate and the identity of the teachers union, and the Union of Iraqi Broadcasting Union. Participation: I participated in the courses held inside the University of Kufa and the many workshops in various scientific purposes, especially in research, development and human rights. She was nominated to the Human Rights course in Australia before the College. She contributed in civil society issues from the field and scientific lectures to the development of governmental and private professional cadres.