athmar jawad Abu Sabie ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Pharmacy
[email protected]
Profile: MM I Athmaar Jawad Ahmed Academic Title: Lecturer Work site: Pharmacy College / University of Kufa Certificate received: .Master of biochemistry : Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa Title of MSc. Thesis: The effect of lipid and lipoprotein in pregnant women Research Interests Study some search to pupil Library scientist Teaching Interests 1- Practical biochemistry / 3rd claas 2- Clinical chemistry /5 th class Recent publishing researches: 1- Compared study to the effect of sex hormones on the semen parameters and sperm for crypotospermia , leukospermia hematospermia,infertile patients 2-Effect of incubation period and vitamin C on in vitro sperm activation in oligozoospermic infertile patients by using ferticult flushing medium 3- The effect of selenium,calcium,magnesium and zinc levels in seminal plasma infertile men 4- The impact of interleukin-1α in asthma patient 5- Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology of Diabetic Complications 6- The study of Cytokines and Chemokines in patient’s infectious diseases and the impact of age and sex 7- The impact lactate dehydrogenase levels enzyme on covid 19 patients