Ashraf Raoof AL-Assadi ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Science - Biology
[email protected]
CV Name: Ashraf Raoof Mohammed Ali AL-Assadi Gender: Male Birth: 29-5-1988 Social case: marriage Address: Iraq/AL-Najaf AL-Ashraf/AL-Meelad Phone: 07803316411 E.mail : [email protected] Nationality: Iraqi Study collection: biology/ biology(Histology and Embryology) Work: University of Kufa/ Faculty of Science/Department of Biology Occupation: Old Biologist Certifications: 1-TOFEL 2- ICDL 3-English Efficiency 4- Computer Efficiency Historically Fragment: 2006 Faculty of Sciences/Department of Biology with average 81.5 2007 got the first student in second stage in department of biology 2008 got the first student in third stage in department of biology 2010 got the first student in faculty of sciences department of biology with average 86.959 2010 got the fifth student in Kufa university Publication Researches: 1-Histopathological Effect of Gentamicin Drug on The Blastocyst Implantation and Some Organs in Pregnant Rats. 2-Histological Effect of Gentamicin on the pregnant rats ovaries and some organs of prenatal fetuses.