asaad abdul razzaK AL-ASADI ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Jurisprudency - ( Head of the Department )
[email protected]
.Breed: Baghdad 1987 Marital status: Married Job Title: Assistant Lecturer Educational attainment: Bachelor of Law and Islamic Sciences, University of Kufa, Faculty of Fiqh (2010-2011)   Master of Sharia and Islamic Sciences, University of Kufa, College of Jurisprudence (2012-2013) PhD in Sharia and Islamic Sciences, University of Kufa, College of Jurisprudence (2016-2017) Specialization: Islamic Jurisprudence Title of MA thesis (preservation of public order in Islamic jurisprudence, study in concept and effects) Title of the doctoral dissertation: (Jurisprudence of kaafir, comparative study). Experience and Certifications: Certificate of Excellence for the completion of the supplementary course of the sciences of the Hawzawi (modern philosophy and sciences of the Koran) International Training Certificate from Dover University in the field of human development (TOT) Certificate of course of teaching methods at the University of Kufa Published: The Impact of Public Order Preservation on Establishing Foundations (National Research Forum Journal) The Problem of the Concept of Faith and its Impact on the Suppression of Extremism (Journal of the College of Jurisprudence) The position of the Ijtihad from Imam al-Maqasdi direction (under publication) The materials he taught: Comparative Jurisprudence Rules of Jurisprudence Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence Ahaadeeth of Judgments Introduction to the Study of Sharia Teaching experience: Teacher in Imam Ali (A) School (2012) Teaching at the Faculty of Humanities (2014-2015) Currently teaching at the Department of Modern Sciences, Faculty of Fiqh Email: Assad87f @ @ 07804517945