Aqil Mousa Almusawi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Engineering - Civil
[email protected]
I obtained a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering Science from the University of Kufa in 1998, and then I immediately completed my Masters degree in Building Materials Specialization from the University of Technology in 2001. I did many construction works for the private sector in Iraq until 2006. Then, I started to work in the University of AlQadisiyah for the civil engineering department of the engineering faculty. In 2013, I got a French fellowship to get my PhD and I completed it in 2017 with the specialty of environmentally friendly building materials. After that, I returned to the same university in the same year. When I returned from France my residential has been changed, it became in the province of Al Najaf, so my services were also transferred to the University of Kufa on 1/7/2019