Aqeel Abdulzahra Al Khaqani ( Professor )
Faculty of Arts - Arabic Language ( Dean )
[email protected]
Dean of the College of Arts and head of its English Department, University of Kufa. Member of the Iraqi Union of Writers and Men of Letters. Chairman of the Central Scientific Committee for Books and Newly Authored Books at Kufa University. Member of the Central Committee for the Curriculum Reload and Develop of the Arabic Language & Literature at the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research. Member of the University of Kufa Central Committee for Maintaining the Arabic Language. Member of the central committee for designing and developing curricula in the Department of civil society / College of Arts / University of Kufa which is the only Department in Iraqi universities. This department aims at graduating civil activists and caring for affairs of civil society including its humanitarian, cultural, economic, and political issues in addition to human rights and the promotion of debates, culture and peaceful coexistence. Professor of Criticism and Rhetoric for both under and postgraduate studies. Vice - Chancellor for Administrative and Legal Affairs of Kufa University. Vice - Chancellor for Scientific Affairs of Kufa University. Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs of the College of Arts, University of Kufa. Editor - in - Chief of two refereed academic journals issued by the College of Arts, University of Kufa: Adaab Alkufa and The Arabic Language and Literature. He has been awarded with more than hundred letters of acknowledgements. Attending, participating in and coordinating many conferences, seminars, and other academic, literary, cultural and administrative activities that were held in Iraq and abroad. Reviewing many dissertations and research studies academically and linguistically.