Ammar Jabbar Alshammary ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine
[email protected]
Name: Ammar Jabbar Hamad Sawady Al Shammary Date of birth: 20/1/1978 Site of birth: Iraq – Najaf Gender:Male Married and had 4 children Live in Iraq – Najaf – Al Amer quarter MBChB {2003}, DM(2010) , FIBMS Internal Medicine ) (2011) Researches : 1-Role of autoimmunity in directing clinical cardiovascular & serum lipid changes in primary hypothyroidism 2-Ankle Brachial Pressure Index as a measure of Peripheral Vascular Disease in Type 2 Diabetic Patients 3-Accuracy of wells score in the evaluation of patients with lower limb deep vein thrombosis Association in CME and IDF Attandance in many reginal and international conferaces in internal medicine and continues medical education Had TOFEL ITP and IC3 Work in Al-Sadr teaching hospital as specilist in internal medicine at out patient clinic and emergency depatment and at center of disbetes and endocrinology Attantence in many regeinal and international coferances and meetings and work shops Last one IDF congeress in Abodabi -UAE .