Ammar Jallawi Karkar ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Engineering - Electronics and Communication
[email protected]
He eceived both the BSc degrees in computer engineering from the Almustanseria University in Baghdad, Iraq in 2004 and Msc degree in Information computer and Network security from NYIT in Amman, Jordan in 2007. Also, he got his PhD degree with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Newcastle University, UK in 2016. He joined the IT research and development center, University of Kufa, Iraq as an assistant lecturer since 2007. Currently, he is a lecturer at department of electronic and communication engineering, and board member in the IT research and development center and the director of Avicena center for E-learning in university of Kufa. He has an interest in exploring cutting-edge computing systems using novel architectures and emerging technologies including networks-on-chip, emerging interconnects, many-cores, and VLSI design. He is also a member of IEEE and IET