Amjed Shehab AL-Jaafary ( Lecturer )
Presidency - Remote Sensing Center
[email protected]
Academic Education: ● Ph.D. , M.Sc. and B.Sc. at University of Baghdad-College of Sciences-Department of Earth Sciences/Iraq. ● PhD. In Geochemistry of Rocks and Minerals, 2015: Title of Thesis: "Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Oil Seepage Characteristics of Jurassic Rock Sequence (Sargelu, Naokelekan and Chia Gara Formations) at Zakho area/North Iraq". ● M.Sc. In Geochemistry of Rocks and Minerals, 2000: Title of Thesis: "Chemistry of Iraqi iron slag–Um Qaser (Electric Arc Furnace) and the possibility of its use in the cement industry". ● B.Sc. In Geology, 1989. Professional experience: Worked for the period 1993-2013 at Southern Cement State Company/Ministry of Industry and Minerals in the fields of cement industry, quarry of limestone, quality control, exploration of raw material, industrial rocks and minerals, Iraqi economic deposits and building materials. The administrative positions in which he worked: ● Member of Board of Directors. ● Manager of Planning and Production Control Department (Senior Chief Geologist). ● Manager of Annajaf Cement Plant (Chief Geologist). ● Manager of Research and Development Department. ● Manager of Kerbala Cement Plant, and the most important achievements during this period: 1- Exploration of low-magnesium limestone in the area of Bahr Annajaf suitable for cement industry in favor of Annajaf cement plant. 2- Exploration of limestone quarry in the area of Bahr Annajaf conforming to chemical and physical specifications required in cement industry in favor of southern cement state company. 3- Change the production pattern from ordinary cement to sulfate resistant cement in Samawa cement plant. 4- Exploration the suitable gypsum rock (hydrous calcium sulfate) for cement industry in the area of Bahr Annajaf in favor of Kufa cement plant. Published researches: • "Hydrocarbon potential, thermal maturation of the Jurassic sequences, and the genetic implication for the oil seeps in North Thrust Zone, North Iraq". Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Volume 8, No. 10, 2015. • "Geochemical characteristics of the bituminous carbonate and shale rocks of the Jurassic sequences (Sargelu, Naokelekan and Chia Gara) in the North Thrust Zone, North of Zakho, North of Iraq". Iraqi Journal of Science/University of Baghdad, Volume 56, No. 4C, 2015. • "Manufacture of iron slag cement using slag from iron and steel factory in Um-Qaser/Basrah". Journal of Mosul University, 2001. Conferences: ● 15th Iraqi Geological conference/Iraqi Geologists Union-Baghdad 5-8 December 2002. ● 1st National Geological conference/Iraq-University of Mosul-Mosul 16-18 October 2001.