?Amjad Abdulameer ALghanimi ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Basic Education - Kindergarten
[email protected]
• Holder of a BA in Media (Radio and Television) from Baghdad University / College of Mass Communication in 2006. He holds a master's degree in human studies, specializing in (media / radio and television journalism), from Tikrit University / College of Arts in 2020. Research priorities are towards communication technology and broadcast media. • A member of the media staff in the Media and Public Relations Department at the University’s Diwan, as I worked as Editor-in-Chief of Afaq Jami’ya Magazine and a member of the Editorial Board of Our University’s newspaper, which are published by the department. • I worked in the College of Basic Education, responsible for the Media and Public Relations Division in the college. • A member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, based in Baghdad, a member of the Union of Arab Journalists, based in Cairo, a member of the International Journalists Union, based in Brussels. • She also worked in a number of radio stations, satellite channels and news agencies.