Amena abdulbaqi Aldujeli ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine
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Name: Amna Abdul Baki KhaderAl Dujeli College: faculty of medicine Department: physiology and medical physics Address: Najaf /Al-Ghadeer Phone: 07706822679 Email: [email protected] CV: 1.she was take M.B.CH.B from faculty of medicine /university of Kufa from first trail for teaching year1997-1998 and in a sequence of 46 from 116 students . 2. she work as a rotator in Al Najaf hospitals from 10/10/1998 until 10/4/2001. 3. She was completed the fulfillment of medical sequences in primary care center of Al Hurrah in the Kufa city for 2 years. 4. she Work as academic teacher in AlGhadesia university/faculty of medicine in12/2/2002. 5.she work in physiology department/faculty of medicine /Kufa university. 6.Take the degree of master in medical physiology from Kufa university/ faculty of medicine in 16/4/2008. 7. Take the degree of PhD in medical physiology from the same university in 27/12/2013 and in continues service till now. Research interests: Interesting with the researches that concerned with the function of heart and the vessels and their relations with diabetes mellitus and hypertension by using the update diagnostic tools like echo,stress echo, trade mill and Holter. Teaching interests: Presentation all the lectures that related to cardiovascular physiology. Selected publication: 1-(Left ventricular end systolic wall stress and its relation with insulin like growth factor-1 in obese and overweight middle age subjects) was publicized in journal of Kufa university for biology . 2-(cardiac index versus cardio ankle vascular index at different degrees of head –up tilt in healthy subjects) was publicized in open journal of molecular and integrative physiology. 3.- Effect of Zinc Sulfate on kidney function in cisplatin treated patients. 4. Effect of Carvedilol on Echocardiographic Fraction Shortening, Troponine I, MDA in Trastuzumab treated Females with Breast Cancer 5.herceptin cardiotoxicity,obesity interrelationship in breast cancer pateints Degree : teacher degree in faculty of medicine /university of Kufa .