amer mohammed alshbeb ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Education -
[email protected]
Degrees : 1. Hilla, a graduate of a junior high boys for the school year 1989-1990 2. Bachelor of Education play of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Babylon for the year 1995-1996 3. Master of Theatre of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Babylon of the Year of Education in 2009 General competence: Educational play Jurisdiction flour: Literature Theater 4. currently a PhD student at Basra University / College of Arts Wholesale / Department of Performing Arts / specialty literature and theater criticism. Achievements and posts: 1. do to derail many theatrical works, including: • The time of the play written by Professor Joseph goldsmith. • Sneezes a play written by Saimunal. • theatrical disaster of pet Samuel Beckett. • theater chairs. 2. Participation represented numerous theatrical works, including: • Antekona play. • doors to the kindness of another. • Juha in Kufa market. 3. do form a band for the fashion show made up of students from the Faculty of Education / Department of Technical Education. To view the designs for historical civilization of Iraq's various costumes. The fashion show at the University of Kufa, as well as participating in the fashion show in Video, conferencing program with one of the American universities have won the admiration and the offer to obtain a certificate of appreciation by the American University. 4. Participation in seminars Encyclopedia of Hilla civilization in Babylon Centre for Studies of cultural and historical of the University of Babylon in all the discussion about the rings encyclopedia axes. scientific department : Currently working in mixed in Kufa University College of Education as a teacher of a substance in the theater department of art education and taught to do many of the materials that belong to the theater, namely: 1. theatrical techniques of stage IV (fashion and decorative lighting and make-up) by three hours per week. 2. material representation for the second stage by 3 hours per week. 3. fitness material for the first phase of two hours per week. 4. artistic taste of the fourth stage by two hours per week.