Ameer Saheb Al-Khafaji ( Lecturer )
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Personal Information Ameer Saheb Shaker Name 11/8/1983 Iraq-Babylon Date & Place of Birth Male Gender Iraqi Nationality Arabic Nationalism married Marital Status Universal Lecturer Professional Title Assistant Lecturer Scientific Title +9647813880100 Mobile Number [email protected] [email protected] E-mail Language Proficiency Arabic Mother Language English (medium level) Other Languages Certificates Grade Year of award Name of University Certificate Name 75.57 2015 Mansoura University MSc degree in Accounting 90.078 2008 Kufa University BSc degree in Accounting Excellence 2014 Mansoura University Computer Efficiency Pass 2011 2012 2015 University of Babylon University of Karbala Mansoura University English Language Efficiency (ITP, PBT) Courses Date of award Place of Course The authority of granter Name of Courses 2008 Faculty of Administration and Economics/ Kufa University International Accountants Federation Council Course in International Accounting Standards Experiences • Experience in the field of teaching university courses in the subject financial accounting (medium), principles of accounting (E) and the subject of financial management. Prizes • I have been honored by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Iraq “Dr. Barham Salih”. Research published or accepted Publishing Date of admission or publication Magazine Name Research Title 16/2/2015 (Acceptable for publication) Journal of Business Research - Faculty of Commerce - Zagazig University - Egypt Integration Between IT Governance and Balanced Scorecard for Evaluating the Strategic Performance of the Organization Applied Study in the Iraq's Banks 4/3/2017 (publication) Al-Kout Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Management and Economics, Wasit University Effect of Accounting Restriction on Transparency of Disclosure of Accounting Information - Applied study in a sample of industrial companies listed in the market Iraq Securities 2018/1/9 (Acceptable for publication) AL- Gharee for Economics and Administration Sciences The Impact of Earnings Management on The Firm Value: An Applied Study In A Sample of Iraqi Private Banks Ameer Saheb Shaker MSc in Accounting [email protected]