Ameera Nema Al-Kiffai ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of
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Ameera N. Alkiffai University of Kufa Faculty of Education for girls Alnajaf, P.O. Box 21 Al-Najaf, Iraq Email:[email protected] B.Sc.- Mathematics - Mathematics- Kufa University- College of Education for girls - Iraq M.Sc.- Mathematics - Integral Equations Babylon University- College of Education- Iraq Ph.D - Mathematics - ِApplied Mathematics Swansea University- College of Sciences- United Kingdohm Research Interest: Complex Analysis Differential Equations Integral Equations Publications: 1. Al-kiffai Ameera, “Solution of Inverse Problem of Fredholm Integral Equation”, journal of Al-Qadisiya / Pure Sciences, Vol 9 , No 3, 2004. 2. Al-kiffai Ameera, Al-kafaja Neiran, “ Types of Homomorphisis”, Journal of Kufa university/ Pure Sciences, 2003. 3. Al-kiffai Ameera, Hassan Ali, Murad Mohammed N., “Lorentz Equation: Stability and Catastrophic Phenomena”, journal of Al-Qadisiya / Pure Sciences, Vol 9 , No 3, 2004. 4. Al-kiffai Ameera, Crooks Elaine, “Lack of symmetry in linear determinacy due to convective effects in reaction-diffusion-convection systems”, journals of Tamkang Mathematics, ( ) , Vol 47, No 1, 2016.