ameer khaleel alrikabi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Agriculture -
[email protected]
PhD in soil science, water resources - the competence of the soil chemistry - teaching at the College of Agriculture - Assistant Professor Number of published research (12 scientific research) inside and outside Iraq - the number of books the author (2 Book) - Awards (holds a fourth place award creativity and scientific innovation at the level of Iraq's universities in the Science Day 2013) a number of conferences (8 conferences inside and outside Iraq) Chairman of the Central Commission for laboratory analysis at the College of Agriculture since 2012 and so far Activity Address the recipient 1 search - the study of sodium, magnesium, calcium cations on the phenomenon of the dispersion of clay in different soils of the organic matter content of the magazine Scientific University of Karbala 3 - Search - squares assess afforestation projects in the province of Najaf Scientific Journal of the University of Babylon 4 - consider the use of magnetized water technology in the reclamation of soils salt affected soils Journal of the University of Babylon Scientific 5- examining the cultivated area and the volume of production of some vegetables to area farms to the provinces of Najaf - and spend Alhaidariya between 1997 to 2006 the scientific journal Science Qadisiyah 6- Conference- estimating some chemical characteristics in the marshes of southern Iraq, the international scientific Almatmraltgueni in Morocco 7- the role of palm trees in the improvement of some of the chemical and physical qualities in the desert area of Applied Sciences Conference Conference first at the University of Kufa 8- Conference- study the establishment of irrigation desert region the project compared to the draft Rey northern island (Rabia) Applied Science First Conference at the University of Kufa 9 -Conference - estimate the elements lead, cadmium, copper and iron in the treated wastewater in Kufa first Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Science at the University of Muthanna 10- recycling waste conference in Najaf province in the fertilizer industry and animal feed Third International Scientific Alatmr -jama South Valley -Egypt 11 -Conference - treated water sanitation project in Albrkih use in irrigation Third International Scientific Alatmr process – un. South Valley -Egypt 12 –workshop- study vegetation and chemical characteristics of the Hammar College of Agriculture, University of Muthanna 13 –Workshop- desertification causes and treatments director Yeh Najaf environment 14 -study of the use of ground water in residential neighborhoods to the province of Najaf, in Najaf province irrigation Directorate 15- studies examine a patent held the presidency of the Conference on the University of Kufa 16 -study of choosing the right trees for the new University of Kufa presidency of the University of Kufa 17 -study of cultural exchange between Kufa and the University of Tehran, the presidency of the University of Kufa 18 -study of the use of palm trees in reforestation aspects of the main roads in the province of Najaf Municipality Directorate 19- study afforestation squares between the residential neighborhoods of the province of Najaf Municipality Directorate Search 20 -(Conference) assess the quality of the water wells in the regions and Albrjsuh Zubair in Basra province, the College of Agriculture / University of Basra Search 21- (Conference) 24-25 / 4/2012 papershow the use of technology in the E-Learning Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science 22- innovation distilled water device Faculty of Agriculture 23- use technology seminar papershow Protection Department of Plant Sciences 24- Alaptmus study the establishment of a laboratory in the Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture 25- study the establishment of Kufa Technology Center laboratory devices industry presidency of the University of Kufa 26- Innovation Award and creativity to get the fourth place on the level of Iraq's Award for Innovation in Science Day 2013 and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Search 27- (Conference) magnetized water levels and the effect of phosphate fertilization on the concentration of dissolved phosphorus in the soil of the two sites of different salinity in Basra province, the College of Agriculture / University of Kufa 28 –Search – 2015- Assessment of water quality of wells in the desert region between 2006, 2014 of Najaf province, Iraq journal Life Sciences / College of Science / University of Kufa Search 29 -2015 -Effect of nitrogen Balhmpelan Ceratophyllum demersum L.)) and triple superphosphate and urea and animal manure in some growth indicators to plant wheat (L. Triticum aestivum) magazine cultivation Rivers / Faculty of Agriculture / University denominator Green 30 –Search-2015 evaluation of some chemical properties of some of the marshes of southern Iraq between 2006 and 2014 International Journal of Science and Technology IJST International Journal for Sciences & Technology (SJIF: 3.735 / ICIF: 3.735 / ICV: 4.32) 31- books of thanks and appreciation from the Minister 3 (2007 to 2016) of the President of the University 12 (from 2007 to 2016) of Mr. Dean of the College only for the year 2016) of the farm associations 1 (3 of the Order of Engineers 1 (only for the year 2016) 32- certificate training course with the support of the organization in the US, held at the head of the American University training course (Chemical Safety and Security) 33- community service participating in the testing and production of fertilizer such as organic and Alaptos dab in the College of Agriculture, agricultural fertilizer plant in the College of Agriculture, University of Kufa 34- training course to participate in the training Aldoh IT HPLC held in the Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Kufa 35- author of the book practical soil analysis (systematic) 2016 36- ways to write a book analysis of water (source) 2016 37 -publication of the book in a global Dar contract signing of a worldwide publishing house to print and publish a book practical soil analysis 2016 38 participate in the Third Conference of Scientific Conference - Faculty of Agriculture - University denominator Green 26-27 / 10/2016 39 -dissemination of scientific research role of fertilization Balhmpelan Ceratophyllum demersum L.)) compared to the growth of local fertilizers and holds plant okra Journal of Agricultural Sciences Euphrates - Alqasmalkhaddra University - Third Conference -s316-323 40- belonging to the upper threshold of the Holy samples analysis estimating phosphorus, calcium, sodium and potassium in the diet are imported to feed sheep's Mzaah Fadak (turns out there is a lack of the elements) 10/12/2016 41- master's students discuss discuss student masters Sayf al-Din in the soil and water resources department - Faculty of Agriculture, University denominator Green 02.02.2017 Analysis of 42 samples analyzed samples to Dr. Nihad water wells 06/02/2017