Amel Ahmed Alsudani ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Engineering - Electronics and Communication
[email protected]
Dr. Amel received MSc. and Ph. D. from University of Technology, Baghdad, 1998 and 2005. She is the establisher of Electronics & Communication Department /Faculty of Engineering/University of Kufa. Her general specialization is AC Drive & Power Electronics Engineering and specific specialization is Renewable Energy. She is especially well known for profound contributions to different fields of Dc Machines & AC Machines & computer programs such as MATLAB, Genetic Algorithm & Autocad . Dr.Ridha interesting research are permanent magnet motor& Power Electronics . She has some research in local journal in different fields of Electric Engineering. Dr.Ridha worked as rapporteur of Electromechanical Engineering /University of Technology /Baghdad in Iraq from 1998 until 2001.She was the head of Electronics & Communication Department /Faculty of Engineering/University of Kufa since 2011 until 2014. Also, she is a head and member in many committees in Kufa University, like scientific committee, examination committee. Research Interests : 1 Power Electronics - 2- Renewable energy 3- AC drive 4- Ac machines Teaching Interests: 1-Power Electronics 2-AC machines 3-Energy conversion