allawi abbas alazzawi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - History
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Biography : Facebook Facebook logo Allawi Abbas Abd Hammadi Al - Azzawi - Born in Kufa district / Najaf province - Scientific certificates obtained 0 - BA: University of Kufa / Faculty of Arts 1995 AD 0 - Master: University of Kufa / Faculty of Arts 1998, - PhD: University of Kufa / Faculty of Arts 2007 General Specialization: History of the Modern Arab World - Specialization: Research Method - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts / History Department / University of Kufa  Graduate courses: PhD: History of International Conflicts in the Arabian Gulf Region - Master: History of modern Iraq, and the method of historical research methodology - Bachelor's courses: - History of modern Iraq, the third phase History of the Modern Arab World: Second Stage History of Europe in the Middle Ages: First Stage of the Previous Year - Historical research methodology in the first phase - Historical research methodology for the second phase - He has many articles published in Iraqi newspapers  - Has many scientific research published in scientific journals - Participated in several scientific conferences in Iraq: including but not limited to: - The first geographical conference (joint research entitled (economic geographical thought at Maqdisi, Faculty of Arts - Seventh Scientific Conference, (joint research entitled: "Geographical Thought in Greece), University of Babylon, 2001 - Islamic Architectural Thought Conference of the cities of Najaf and Kufa, joint research entitled (Mosque of Kufa and Urban Development) Faculty of Engineering / University of Kufa, 2001 0 - The first scientific conference, joint research (Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Kashaf cover and his role in the reform movement) his position on women model, the Islamic University College, 2008 0 - The Historical Scientific Conference, co-authored by Yusuf Rajib and his reformist views 1900-1947, 2010 - Participated in the conference of the sponsor of the first scientific under the slogan (preservation of cultural heritage moral and human duty) established by the General Secretariat of the Abbasid holy shrine on 11/10/2015 0 Published: - Economic Geographical Thought at Al-Maqdisi, Faculty of Arts - (Geographical thinking in Greece) - (Mosque of Kufa and urban development Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Kashif cover and his role in the reform movement) his position on women model, the Islamic College, 2008 Mohammed al - Husseini al - Baghdadi and his method of writing history Add to My Yahoo! Add to Google Bookmark Ahmed Al - Husseini Al - Escoury and his scientific efforts - Components of the community and preparation of the population in the city of Karbala 1958-1968 0 - The city of Najaf and ways to preserve its historical identity   - Participation in seminars in Iraq: - Participated in the symposium held by the Faculty of Arts on the reality of older people in Iraq - Participated in the symposium on the development of curricula of history held on 28/11/2010 - Participated in the seminar held by Al-Alamein Institute for Graduate Studies in Najaf under the title (Challenges of National Security after the liberation of Mosul) in the presence of HE the National Security Advisor Mr. Faleh Al Fayyad on Saturday 29/2/2016. - The anniversary of the birth of Imam Hassan (p), a lecture entitled (Ms. Zeinab and its role in the media against the Umayyad authority), scientific cadres / Badr Organization 2008 0 - Lecture on "Foundations of Democracy in Contemporary Iraq" in Badr Organization - Participant in the competition held by the Islamic University of the University (for Imam Zine El Abidine Ali Bin Al Hussein International Intellectual Creativity on 2/5/2017 0 Abdul Rahman Al - Jabrati and his Methodology in Writing History - Training courses: a - Course of teaching methods / University of Kufa / 2001 0 - Computer efficiency course / Kufa University / Kufa University / 2001 - Efficiency of academics - Participated in the first workshop in the field of human rights for university cadres at the University of Kufa - Participated in the second workshop on human rights (UNAMI, established by the UN Human Rights Office to assist Iraq in Baghdad) Member of the Union of Arab Historians Scientific Lectures: - Lectures in the subject of historical research methodology for postgraduate studies / Masters - Lectures for the material of the Middle Ages: for the first phase - Lectures for the history of the modern Arab world: for the third phase - Lectures for the subject of research methodology: for the first phase - Lectures for the subject of research methodology: for the second phase Biography