Ali Wadi Al-Fatlawi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Engineering - Mechanics
[email protected]
Dr. Ali Wadi Abbas Al-Fatlawi work as a lecturer in College of Engineering in University of Kufa in Iraq. He was researcher in Um Power Energy Dedicated Advanced Centre (Umpedac), Deputy Vice Chancellor(Research & Innovation), University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur.The area of interest are Energy - Renewable Energy & Policy (visibility , conversion , policy and resources predication). The recent selected publications available at Fatlawi2. Here in some of publications: Published Articles: Ali Wadi Abbas Al-Fatlawi , Saidur R. Abdul-Hakim ,T. A. Ward • Nasruddin A. Rahim" Technical and Economic Analysis of Renewable Energy Powered Stand-alone Pole Street Lights for Remote Area". Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 04/2014; 33(1). DOI:10.1002/ep.11772. Ali Wadi Abbas Al‐Fatlawi ,Nasrudin Abdul Rahim, Rahman Saidur, Thomas Arthur Ward." Improving solar energy prediction in complex topography using artificial neural networks: Case study Peninsular Malaysia". Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 04/2015; 34(5). DOI:10.1002/ep.12130 • 1.40 Impact Factor. A Qazi, H Fayaz, Ali Wadi Abbas Al-Fatlawi, RG Raj, NA Rahim "The artificial neural network for solar radiation prediction and designing solar systems: a systematic literature review" Journal of Cleaner Production 04/2015; DOI:10.1016/j.jclepro.2015.04.041 • 3.84 Impact Factor. Z. Abdin, M.A. Alim, R. Saidur • M.R. Islam, W. Rashmi, S. Mekhilef • A.Wadi Abbas Al-Falaswi" Solar energy harvesting with the application of nanotechnology" Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 10/2013; 26:837-852. DOI:10.1016/j.rser.2013.06.023 • 5.90 Impact Factor Shouquat Hossain, Ali Wadi Abbas, Jeyraj Selvaraj, Ferdous Ahmed, Nasrudin Bin Abd Rahim" Experiment of a Flat Plate Solar Water Heater Collector with Modified Design and Thermal Performance Analysis". 08/2014; 624:332-338. DOI:10.4028/ Conference Paper: Ali Wadi Abbas Al-Fatlawi , Md Shouquat Hossain, R. Saidur, N.A. Rahim "Researching social acceptability of renewable-energy technology in Malaysia" Clean Energy and Technology (CEAT) 2014,, Kuching; 11/2014. Md Shouquat Hossain ,Adarsh Kumar Pandey ,Mohsin Ali Tunio, Jeyraj A/L Selvaraj, Ali Wad Abbas Al-Fatlawi ,Kazi Enamul Hoque" Statistical Modeling For Hydrogen Production Using Wind Energy". International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials and Manufacturing (ICMMM 2015), Paris, France; 08/2015.