Ali Sadeq Alsahlawi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science - Physical Education
[email protected]
Teaching at the University of Koufah College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences 1. Name / Ali Sadiq Shaker Mahmoud Al-Sahlawi 2. Breed / 1981 3. Married with four children 4. Holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Babylon 5. Holds a Russian language certificate 6. Master degree in the Russian State Urals University 7. Teaching at the University of Kufa / Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science since 2009 8. Player in the Kufa Sports Club weightlifting for the youth category for 1999-2004 9. Holds a local arbitration certificate from the Central Union of Iraq 10. Ruling on several championships in weightlifting 11. Instructor weightlifting and scouts in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science University of Kufa 12. The first teacher to receive the wooden scout badge from the University of Kufa since 1990 until this day 13. Scout squad leader for mobile and guides 14. Participated in several scout camps 15. A scout leader and head of a mobile delegation participated in several university scout camps within the curriculum of the Ministry of Higher Education 16. Participated in several delegations for different championships of Iraqi universities within the ministerial curriculum 17. Has several voluntary work inside and outside the university and at the level of the province of Najaf 18. Member of the examination committee in the college for several years 19. Member of the Committee of the annual cultural week in the presidency of the University of Kufa 20. Member of the annual data bank committee at the university and chairman of the jury in competitions for several times 21. Work of the personnel and teachers in the administration of the college 22. Head of the Quality and University Performance Division at the College 23. Participate in the opening of the individual games branch in the college and work as the first decision of the branch 24. Head of the Scout Division in the Department of Student Activities in the presidency of the University of Kufa and until now 25. Participated in several organizational and administrative committees to hold a graduation ceremony for Kufa University students 26. Has several published foreign and local researches 27. Participated in several conferences in Iraq and a conference in the Russian Ural University 28. Supervisor of several research graduates for undergraduate students 29. Several books of thanks and appreciation from the President of the University and the governor of Najaf and deans of colleges