Ali Saheb Al-abychi ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Political Sciences - Political Science
[email protected]
Name: - Ali Sahib Faleh Al-Abaji Breeding: - 28-1-1982 Marital Status Married with two children (Sahib and Fatima) Certificate and Graduation Year: - Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Graduation year 2007-2008 and is the first in the batch at a rate of 84.6 and in the fifth sequence on the department He holds an MBA in strategic planning for the year 2019-2020 Workplace: - University of Kufa Places that have been worked on: - 1- Allowances and Fixation Officer for the university's staff 2- The official of the Retirement Division of the University of Kufa 3- Deputy Director of the Minister's Office for Security Permits at the University of Kufa 4- Director of the Registration and Student Affairs Division of the College of Political Science 5- Director of the Department of the College of Political Science 6- He holds a number of thanks and appreciation books distributed between the Minister and the President of the University, deans and Mr. Governor of Najaf. 7- Holds the title of ideal employee for the year 2018, in order to award the largest number of administrative committees, as well as membership of a section thereof 8- Participated in investigative committees as head of committee and a member of a large number of committees, as well as administrative committees and student affairs committees. 9 - holds a quality certificate (ISO) from the International Organization for ISO and a member of the internal audit team of the University of Kufa. 10- He holds a certificate of trainer trainers in human development for the year 2010 from the international organization for human rights 11 - Published Research A research in an international journal within the Scopes containers (International Journal of Psychological Rehabilitation) research title (The Role of Inclusive Leadership in Enhancing the Strategic Flexibility)