Ali Marzooq Al Khuzaie ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Agriculture -
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Name: Ali Marzooq Salman Shanan Alkhuzae Scientific degree: Teacher General specification: Plant pathology Main specification: Fungal and bacterial plant diseases Occupation: Lecturer – University of Kufa- School of Agriculture Home address: Al Dewaniyah Province- Al Shamiayah- Suburb -Al Syri St- Home No.67 Emails: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Qualifications PhD of Plant Pathology University of New England_- Australia 2018 M.Sc. of plant Pathology -University of Kufa- Iraq 2010 B.Sc. Of plant protection- University of Kufa- Iraq 2007 Research Interests My main research interests are microbiology, beneficial soil microbes, soil-born pathogens, genetic and physiology of bacteria that cause plant diseases. Also, using bio-pesticide (plant extracts). In my master study I used to develop different techniques to control bacterial diseases via using plant extract. In my PhD I have developed a commercial and feasible way to use plant extracts in different formulas. Activities and privileges I have granted the Iraqi Prime Minister Scholarship to study PhD in Australia in 2012. I have participated in many conferences and scientific meeting at the University of New England- Australia. As well, I have participated at the regular meeting of New South Wales Centre of Chickpeas researches in Australia. I have participated in the Soil-born pathogens which held at the University of Lincoln- New Zealand 2016.