Ali Khudhayer Alhadrawi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Arts - History
[email protected]
Curriculum Vittea Name: Ali Khudayer Abdulabbas Alhadrawi Date of Birth : 15 – 06 – 1982 Corresponding Addreess: University of Kufa, P.O. Box 21, Kufa, Najaf – Iraq. Mobile: +964 780 152 4305 Website : Email: [email protected] Academic Qualifications: 1999 – 2004 Bachelor of Arts (BA – Honor), History. University of Kufa, Faculty of Arts. 2006 - 2008 Masters of Islamic History (MA). University of Kufa,Faculty of Arts. Research Topic is: Historiography Right now I am PHD student at Rutgers University USA since 2015 Research Topic is: Islamic History – Orientalism Academic Loads: 2004 – 2006 Demonstrator: faculty of Arts – university of Kufa 2008 – Present Since this date I heavily took part in various academic activities with both Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Heritage and Archeology – University of Kufa. Adminstration duties: Registrar, Tutor and Coordinator, Quality Assurance and Accriditation Officer and President of Cultural Committee. Academic Role: I taught various courses and modules for the undergraduate students in both faculties such as: Biography of Prophet Mohammad, Islamic Governmental and Systems, Prophetic Period and History of Arabian Islamic State and Empire. Research Activities: I managed to publish various research work which were accepted in local academic journals. Generally my research work was on basis of individual work or as a team work. Most of my researches were mainly focused on Islamic Hitory and the Sinnificant Role of Prophet Mohammad on the Histroy during all centuries past, present and future as well as the view of westren researcher on this phenomenon.