ali khudaier haji ( Professor )
Faculty of Education - ( Dean )
[email protected]
Certificates obtained: Pkaloros P Bill Alasalamh Sciences / University of Baghdad venom Bill -0770  -2 Pkaloros P Language Knight / University of Baghdad - the poison Jockey language -2115  -3 Studying an MA in Taraik Maran generosity and soil Alasalamh / University of Baghdad -klh soil - Ibn Rushd -2110  -4 Ph.D. Taraik taught Maran generosity and soil Alasalamh / Baghdad University -klh soil - Ibn Rushd -2114 -5 Graduate of honor in the event aware of the whole event / University of civilization Science Alasalamh Lebanon / 2100 Aljhhalmanhh to testify: Iraq - Baghdad University - it's all the soil - Ibn Rushd General Jurisdiction: Taraik taught Maran generosity and soil Alasalamh Jurisdiction flour: Event science curriculum Lessons Courses: Event science, science narrators, science Aldrah, learned men I support He attributed Mahdtn curricula, Mufsrn curricula, Almntk, The Origins Altvsr Walt lessons taught in Ela studies: (masters) knew the term event, science Men, Thmk texts, (PhD) told him specialized studies Academic Title: Prof 06/27/2117 professor considered since Tmdm demand 2118/01 / 8v Position: Associate -0 deliberately Klh Alfmh for Student Affairs from 2119 to 2116  -2 Associate deliberately Klh Alfmh of Administrative --2,119 and yet The study seminary: He studied in the seminary study since 4141 and is still HJ wrote determinations Mentor excuse Samaha Islam and Muslims Alsidmamedsadeg Khersan in know-how and men . Secondly ": Alsarhalozivih Exercise are studying in schools and institutes Althanoh Amwalimn more than ten years Lecturer in courses for Altdersh Mdersen in generating public soil of Najaf province. Taught in the University of Kufa Klh Alfmh- Taught in the university Klh Alfmh Heads poison Alasalamh soil P ALKYLATION Alterbuh open - Najaf Centre Lecturer in Alclat Crescents - ALKYLATION university human being, the whole the person Tus Mcharn in dozens of committees A member of the P Althoudrh committees for more than (29) Conference He holds a number of letters of appreciation (()) 51 books. " Charn in six conferences with the participation of his research knowledge