Ali khodher alshokri ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Jurisprudency - Quran Science
[email protected]
He holds a master's degree majoring in precise Koran Sciences He holds a doctoral degree in philosophy of Sharia and Islamic Studies precise specialization in the Koran / interpretation Sciences Member of a number of scientific committees A member of the preparatory committee for the World Festival in Bourne for three seasons March Report and Islamic education in different countries to hold seminars or participate in festivals, conferences and upgrade the platforms and visit universities, institutes and research centers in both: 1. The Republic of Iraq 2. USA / University of Texas, "the University of Utah 3. The Islamic Republic of Iran 4. Bahrain 5. Republic of Yemen 6. United Arab Emirates 7. People's Republic of China 8. Indonesia 9. Thailand His unpublished research, including: 1. Running the theory and application in the interpretation of the evidence in the study of transport and mental 2. direct actions Alanejazah in the Quranic text (it explicit a model) 3. Alanejazah indirect actions in the text of the Quran (the question a model) Added to that is delivered from the research in international conferences, including: Search is marked by ((government of Ali (AS) Alnaoh planting fruit Imamate)) thrown in Bangkok - Thailand in the upper Justice Conference His presence in the cultural and intellectual center in the satellite media channels as a conduit of knowledge and Karbala, Iraqi channel and the channel and the channel of the Euphrates and channel curriculum