Ali Kadhim Al-Otwi ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Dentistry - General Dentistry
[email protected]
My name is Ali kadhim Hussein, I was born in Najaf Governorate, my academic achievement is as follows; Bachelor's degree in Physics Sciences 7/18/2005 MSc in Remote Sensing Physics 02-27-2013 PhD in Physics of Remote Sensing and image processing 20-5-2018 Member of the Examination Committee 2013 Member of the Examination Committee 2018 Lecturer and instructor at the College of Dentistry Skills and expertise TSS estimation The global spatial statistics Moran's I Anselin's Local Moran I statistics Hotspot Getis-Ord Gi* statistic analysis The Kulldorff spatial scan statistic the SaTScan Change Detection Water Quality Index Hydrology Analysis Interpolation (IDW & Kriging) Photographic design.