ali Adil Kashif Al-ghita ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Law - Law
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Name: Dr. Ali Adel Ismail revealed the cover Generation: 1974 Najaf Ashraf Marital status: Married Nationality: Iraq Religion: Islam Job Title: University of Kufa - Faculty of Law / General Law Branch E-mail: [email protected] Mobile: 07800909026 Qualifications : - PhD in Criminal Law Philosophy, Faculty of Law 2008 - Master's degree in Public Law (Criminal), University of Babylon, Faculty of Law 1998 Title of Master's Thesis (according to legal procedures) Comparative study, Title of PhD thesis (Crimes against Electronic Intellectual Property), comparative study. Academic Academic Experiences: 1 - Lecturer of the articles of law and commercial law for non-specialists in law / Faculty of Management and Economics / Accounting Section for the years (1998-1999) (1999-2000) (2000 - 2001) 2 - Lecturer of the entry material of the law / Institute of Management / Rusafa / Institute of Technical Institutes for the academic year 1998-1999. 3 - Lecturer of the history of law / Faculty of Humanities University for 2003-2004. 4 - Lecturer of the Penal Code / General Department / Faculty of Law / University of Kufa 2003-2004 5- Lecturer of Human Rights / Political Systems / College of Medicine, Kufa University / 2002 - 2003. 6 - Lecturer in Democracy / Faculty of Law / University of Kufa 2004 - 2005. 7 - Lecturer in the Penal Code special section / Faculty of Law / University of Kufa for the years 2006 - 2013. 8 - Lecturer in the Penal Code special section / Faculty of Humanities University / 2013 - 2014. 9 - Lecturer in Human Rights / Faculty of Sheikh Tusi / 2009-2010. 10 - Lecturer in the assets of criminal investigation / Faculty of Law - University of Kufa 2014 and continuing to date. Administrative and academic experiences 1 - Course of Law Department / Faculty of Management and Economics / University of Kufa 2002 - 2003 2 - Supervisor of the Faculty of Law / University of Kufa / at the foundation 2004. 3 - Assignment of the Deanship of Faculty of Sheikh Tusi University 2008 - 2009. 4 - Scientific Assistant to the Deanship of Law Faculty / University of Kufa for the years (2007 - 2008 and 2009 - 2010 and 2013 - 2014) Scientific and academic activities Books and books 1. According to legal procedures ... under publication. 2. Crimes against electronic intellectual property ... under publication. 3. Criminal liability in rules of engagement ... under publication. Scientific research : 1- Impossible crime, comparative study, published by the Center of Kufa Studies. 2 - Interpretation of punitive texts under the principle of criminal legitimacy, published, Journal of the Faculty of Law and Politics, University of Kufa. 3. Criminal liability of the doctor, publication, Journal of the Faculty of Law and Politics, University of Kufa. 4. Space Officer, Journal of the Faculty of Law, University of Babylon. 5 - the theory of closed scoring and the impact of adoption in positive legislation, Journal of Justice, the Sudanese, acceptance of publication. 6. DNA and its value in criminal evidence, under publication. 7. Comparative law (study on the impact of the social base on the effectiveness of punitive text), under publication. Conferences and seminars 1. Legal Planning (A Study on Sustainable Development Planning Innovations), Conference of the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, 2004. 2- "The Terrorist Terror", The Counterterrorism Conference, Amman, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan 2004. 3. The Role of Law in the Protection of Peaceful Coexistence, Conference on Peaceful Coexistence, Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, Egypt, 2005. 4 - The Problem of Criminal Acts Developed in the Iraqi Punitive Law, Paper presented to the Conference (Electronic Crime and Means of Combating it), Algeria, The Republic of Algeria, 2005. 5 - a collection of research papers and seminars at the University of Kufa and the universities of Baghdad and Iraq. Activities related to the academic and civil society 1- Member of the Founding Committee of Al-Sheikh Al-Tusi College, Najaf Al-Ashraf. 2 - Member of the Founding Body of the College of Humanities, University of Najaf 3 - Member of the founding body of the College of Islamic University, Najaf Ashraf 4- Member of the founding body of a group of centers and civil society institutions in Najaf, Baghdad and Mosul. Supervised University Thesis 1. Criminal justice standards in Iraqi criminal law 2 - The role of banking information in the crime of money laundering 3. Liability for derogation in rules of engagement 4 - the effect of suspension of the implementation of the original penalty on the sentences of expulsion and expulsion 5 - Employment of religious texts in the crime of terrorism 6. The crime of not disclosing financial liability 7 - Trial summary in the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Internal Security Forces