Ali Khalil Albayati ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - History
[email protected]
Name: Ali Khalil Ahmed Date of Birth: 1-2-1964 - Bachelor degree in modern history from the Faculty of Arts, University of Baghdad in 1985. - Received a master's degree from the Faculty of Arts, University of Baghdad, in 1990, his letter entitled: economic situation in Iraq in 1932-1939. - Holds a doctorate in modern history / History of the Ottoman Empire, from the Faculty of Arts, University of Baghdad, in 2004 with his thesis entitled The Ottoman State in the years of distress 1402-1413.  - Promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor in 2010. - Studied in the College of Education for Girls, University of Tikrit, then in the Faculty of Education for Human Sciences at the University of Kirkuk, now associate in the Faculty of Arts University of Kufa. - Publication of many researches in several Iraqi scientific journals, namely: 1. The Japanese-British trade competition in Iraq prior to World War II 2 - the movement of Badruddin Samouni and the position of Sultan Mohammed Chalabi of them 3. Independence of East Timor and the future of Indo-national unity 4. Ethnic conflict in Kosovo is a historical study 5 - Efforts of Sultan Mohammed I in the reconstruction of the Ottoman Empire 1413-1421 6 - the plight of the Ottoman throne during the reign of Sultan Murad II 7 - Ottoman expansion in Rumaili during the reign of Sultan Murad II 8. Ottoman State Policy towards the Qaraman Emirate 1299-1482 9 - Political marriage in the Ottoman Empire from 1299 until the reign of Sultan Mohamed El Fateh 10 - The policy of the Ottoman Empire towards the emirates of Anatolia 1299-1402 - Discussed several master's and doctoral dissertations in many Iraqi universities