ali jarad alaboude ( Assistant Professor )
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Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Jarad Yusef Al-Aboudi. - Teaching at the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences / College of Education for Girls / University of Kufa. Doctorate in Educational Sciences. Curricula and general teaching methods are allocated. - Researcher in the field of (teaching difficulties - curriculum evaluation - experimenting with teaching models and strategies - studying concepts - attitudes towards study materials - attitudes toward teachers - comprehensive quality - practical education - professional tendencies - professional motivation - professional preparation - professional creativity - showing off in scientific performance He published many of his papers in peer-reviewed journals. - Participated in dozens of training courses and workshops (lecturer - trainee) - Participated in dozens of conferences and symposia (a member of a scientific, preparatory, research, participant) committee. He received dozens of awards and thanks from official and informal educational, educational and social institutions Discuss many scientific theses Supervised many scientific research - Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences Member of the General Conference of the Iraqi Academic Union.