ali jarad alaboude ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women -
[email protected]
Assistant professor, Dr. Ali Yousef Jarad . - Teaching in the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences / College of Education / University of Kufa. - PhD in Educational and Psychological Sciences. - A researcher in the field (difficulties Altdras- curriculum calendar Aldraseh- experimenting with models and strategies Altdras- Mufahim- study trends toward Aldraseh- quality materials Altahlmyh- practical education) and published several of his research in refereed journals. - Participated in dozens of workshops and training courses (Lecturer trainee) - Participated in dozens of conferences and seminars (Bages- participant) - Won dozens of awards and Alckrat of formal and informal learning, educational and social institutions - Discussed the many scientific messages - Oversaw many of the scientific research - Decision of the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences