Ali abed Khalil ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Administration and Economics -
[email protected]
Born in the holy city of Najaf in 1975, well-known on Iraq and the Arab world level scientific family. Completed primary school in the school Alhaidariya and got a medium degree from Damascus for boys and middle of the unit for Boys, continued the academic achievement later in 1993 to join the Faculty of Management and Economics, and after earning a bachelor's joined the study master's and obtained in 2002 a very good grade. Appointed in 2005 pedagogy at the Faculty of Management and Economics and the University of Kufa to continuously now taught by the title of a scientific assistant professor. He worked as a consultant in the holy sites since 2010 and until now, has consulted in the development departments and the preparation of feasibility studies. Assistant Professor Ali credited with dozens of academic articles in the field of management and economics and the revival of the thought of Ahl al-Bayt. Has eight research published in two scientific journals, including solid rank of original research. It has more than ten developmental studies with various government departments in Iraq. Promising as assistant professor credited with more than 300 feasibility study inside and outside Iraq and different investment projects. The first author of two books in the field of management science at the thought of Ahl al-Bayt, the second book in the field of economic feasibility studies. He holds the scientific title of assistant professor since 2015. Organic o member of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society 12/02/2001 m ago. o member of the Federation of Iraqi academics since 05/20/2003 m. o member of the Iraqi - Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 24/08/2005 m. o member of the developers of software applications (Google Play) since 02/01/2015. o member of the Chamber of Commerce of Najaf since 24/7/2011. o founding member of the Finance and Accounting Center of Studies and evaluation of investment projects Subjects taught: o Computer Applications in Finance and Banking / Phase I and II o banking databases / Phase II o banking / graduate students Marketing Master Finance and Banking Sciences o Feasibility Studies / Higher Diploma in bank management applications o software and data bases banking / higher diploma in bank management o Financial Management / Higher Diploma banks Management