Ali Abass Al-A'araji ( Assistant Professor )
Presidency - Kufa Studies Center ( Head of the Department )
[email protected]
- BA in Arabic Language 1999 2000 magna cum laude, Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa. Master Arabic language 09/01/2003 Faculty of Arts, University of Qadisiyah, Message Subject: (linguistic detective who walk in kindergarten to explain the master worship newspaper (peace be upon him) to the son of civil infallible (d. 1118 AH), and a very good grade. Ph.D., in 20/9/2011 m, to achieve (the explanation of the healing is marked by restrictions adequate to explain the healing of a certain Mohammed Alvesaia (d. 1134 AH) smelting Majlisi) mark, and a very good grade high. Marital Status: Married. Administrative positions: decision of the Arabic Department of the academic year 2004-2005. Lecturer at the Islamic University: 2006-2009. Training courses: teaching methods 2006 session, the cycle of Computing technologies 0.2010. - Chiropractor linguist and secretary editor of the cultural heritage of Najaf and the religious sign investigator Mr. Sami Al-Badri. Head of the Department of Arabic Literature Qadisiyah 2013 2014. Managing editor of etiquette Qadisiyah Magazine of 2012 and to the present. - Head of the Department of documents and manuscripts in the center of Kufa studies