. Ali Abbas Alusefy ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women -
[email protected]
doctorate in educational psychology / College of Education for Human Sciences / University of Babylon / Iraq /, Babylon ,a master's degree in educational psychology / College of Education / Diyala University / Iraq/ Diyala, a bachelor's degree in educational and psychological / College of Science Education / Diyala University, Iraq/ Diyala. Research Interests 1- Studies in Learning and Teaching 2- Studies in thinking and creativity 3- Studies in psychological, educational and social phenomena among the distinguished and talented students and ordinary. 4-construction of educational and psychological tests. Teaching interest 1- Educational Psychology 2- General Psychology 3-Social Psychology 4- individual differences 6- Psychological Counseling and Mental Health Participant in many scientific seminars and educational workshops.- Introduce many educational and psychological counseling to many researchers and graduate students (BA, MA, PhD). -Lecturer and instructor in the development of teaching and university training (courses staff, administrators, professors). The published researchs 1- Alusefy Ali Abbas,(2008) the study achievement and its relationship to the scoial worry in the students of the College of Education for Girls,magazine of College of Education for Humanities defended ,Kufa university. 2- Alusefy Ali Abbas,(2009), ways of thinking and learning in students of the Faculty of Theology, Islamic University Magazine , Najaf. 3- Alusefy Ali Abbas,(2011),professionalism favorite to the university professors from the standpoint of his students, the center of Kufa Studies magazine,Iraq. 4-Alusefy Ali Abbas,(2016) the required pedagogical practices of teachers of intermediate stage from the viewpoint of excellent students (Kufa spend as a model), College of Education for Humanities magazine. 5-Alusefy Ali Abbas,(2015) cognitive processes associated with creativity at the fifth-grade science students in outstanding schools and ordinary in the province of Najaf, the center of Najaf of,magazine of College of Education for Humanities. 6- Alusefy Ali Abbas (2015): Overeecitability to the fifth grade students in the excellence and ordinary schools in the center of Najaf, Islamic University Magazine , Najaf. 7- Alusefy Ali Abbas (2015): Overeecitability according to the cognitive processes associated with creativity in excellence and ordinary middle school, unpublished doctoral thesis, College of Education for Human Sciences, University of Babylon, Iraq. 8- Alusefy Ali Abbas (2006): Layout value system and its relationship to watch cable TV with the university students, unpublished Master Thesis, Faculty of Education, University of Diyala, Iraq.