ali adum alkhurdi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - History
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Name: Ali Azim Mohammed Abbas Kurdi Generation: Qadisiyah Certificate: Ph.D. The University of Mustansiriya Scientific title: Assistant Professor General Specialization: Modern and Contemporary History Specialization: History of the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula Place of residence: Najaf / Al-Mukarramah District Teaching: History of the Arabian Gulf - History of the Arab World - Human Rights - The Method of Scientific Research Professor of Graduate Studies (Masters and PhD) for many years Number of students supervised: 20 Number of Publications: 20 Research Eisenhower Project - US-Saudi Relations History of Diwaniyah Partition Projects for Palestine Iraq 's economic history - Internal developments in the Arabian Gulf Administrative Positions: - Head of History Department - Department of History - Associate Dean Administrative - President of the Islamic University in Najaf Number of conferences: 15 conferences inside and outside Iraq Scientific Posts: - Member of the examination committee - Member of the scientific committee - Chairman of the Cultural Committee - Member of many conferences in Iraq The number of discussions: More than 30 scientific discussion of the Master and Ph.D.