Ali Abdulelah Alkkhazaali ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - English Language
[email protected]
Education: (2007-2010) Master of Arts in English Language and Linguistics from College of Languages. Baghdad University. My thesis entitled ((Coherence and Schematic correlation in William Blake and Gerard Hopkins's selected poems)). (1988-1989) .Bachelor of Arts in English Language. College of arts . Baghdad University. Employment:2010 to present time I have appointed in the Department of English language .College of arts . University of Kufa. Occupation : Assistant Professor. 2011 July28 workshop about core syllabus development at University of Surry (UK) sponsored by UK embassy. Attending and holding many sessions and meetings concerning English language proficiency and syllabus updating development from Subjects which I taught in my college: Linguistics Third and Fourth year. Phonetics Phonology First and second year .Comprehension $ composition and Conversation for first and second year. Also teaching English Language to postgraduate students M.A / Ph.D. of other departments. Most significant professional accomplishments, honors and awards: Three letters of appreciation from the minister of higher education. .Five letters of appreciation from president of the university. .Five letters of appreciation from the dean of the college. Four letters of appreciation from deans of other colleges.