Ali Dalaf Al Farawn ( Assistant Lecturer )
Presidency - Information Technology Research and Development Center ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
Educational background School: I entered to the primary school at academic year 1988 and I finished it after six year at 1993. I entered to the secondary school at 1994 and I finished it after three years at 1996. I entered to the higher school at 1997 and I finished it after three years at 2000 . University:  B.Sc. I entered to the University of Baghdad – Al-Khawarizmi College of Engineering – Information and Communication Department at academic year 2000 and I have gotten the B.Sc.  Master I started to study Masters program Digital Communications at Kiel University in Oktober 2011 and this study finished at 2014. Worked at university of kufa ITRDC as web developer