College Engineering - Mechanics
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Name: Dr. ALAA M. H. Aljassani Nationality : IRAQI Religion: Muslim Date of Birth: 1960 e-mail: [email protected] Telephone Number: 009647800224430 Correspondence Address : ALAA M. HUSSEIN College of Engineering / University of Kufa / Najaf - IRAQ Scientific Status: Assistant Lecturer 1989 (University of Babylon) Lecturer 1997 (University of Babylon) Assistant Prof. 2004 (University of Babylon) Assistant Prof. 2010 (University of Kufa) Degrees obtained: B.Sc. in Mech. Eng. /University of Mosul /1980 M.Sc. in Mech. Eng. /University of Basrah /1987 Ph.D. in Mech. Eng. /Applied Mechanics/University of Technology /1997 Administration Experience: 1- Head of Dept. of Mech. Eng. University of Babylon (2003 -2006). 2- Head of the Edition Committee of the Iraqi Journal of Mechanical and Material Engineering (2007-2010). 3- Dean of the Engineering Technical College / Najaf (2010-2015). Scientific Consultations: 1-Al-Musaib power plant, Iraq. 2-Southern cement company, Kufa, Iraq. 3-General company for cars manufacturing, Iraq. Languages: 1- Arabic. 2- English. Teaching Experience: I gave the following courses for B.Sc. and M.Sc. levels. 1- Strength of Materials 2nd Year B.Sc. Mech. Eng. 2- Engineering Mechanics 1st Year B.Sc. Mech. Eng. 3- Production Engineering 1st Year B.Sc. Mech. Eng. 4- Metallurgy 2nd Year B.Sc. Mech. Egg. 5- Manufacturing Processes 3rd Year B.Sc. Mech. Eng. 6- Experimental Stress Analysis 4th Year B.Sc. Mat. Eng. 7- Theory of Elasticity M.Sc. level Mech. Eng. 8- Theory of Plasticity M.Sc. level . Supervision ( M.Sc. ): I supervised more than 15 M.Sc. students.