Faculty of Engineering - Mechanics
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I hold a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering University of KUFA (July 2002), and I hold a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering / Applied Mechanics from the Faculty of Engineering University of KUFA (November 2006) and holds a degree in teaching methods, IELTS, TOEFL, ICDL and IC3. Research interests: •Studies on the behavior of Composite Materials Properties and Laminated Plates. •Studies on the Mechanical Testing such as Buckling, Fatigue and Vibration. •Studies on the Control and Measurement Systems. •Creating and modifying a specialized computer source codes such as ANSYS and MATLAB. Teaching interests: -Mechanical Vibrations. -Control and Measurement System. -Strength of materials. -Mathematics and Numerical analysis. -Engineering Mechanics (Static and Dynamic). -Theory of Machine. -Design of machine element and machine system. Completed Researches: 1-Analytical and Numerical Solution of Static Buckling of Composite Laminated Plates. 2-Analytical and Numerical Solution Dynamic Buckling of Composite Laminated Plates. 3-A suggested analytical solution of buckling investigation for beam with different crack depth and location effect 4-Theoretical and Numerical Investigation of Buckling of Orthotropic Hyper Composite Plates 5-Experimental and numerical investigation of data palm fiber effect on natural frequency of composite plate with different B. Cs). 6-Effect of oblique crack angle and size onto natural frequency of isotropic hyper composite beam 7-Investigation of Natural Sisal Fiber Reinforcement Effect onto Composite Plate Buckling behavior