Akram Neamah ?Ali ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Political Sciences - Political Science ( Head of Division )
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Position Scientific Researcher at Kufa University, Iraq Nationality Iraqi Contact Mobile: +964 7806279394 Mail: [email protected] Curriculum Vitae n 2015 Guest Researcher at Friedrich-Alexander- Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany n 2014 Split-site doctoral candidate at FAU, Germany n 2010––2014 Doctoral Thesis: ‘The Crisis of Sovereign Debts and its Reasons and Tracks. The Euro Area and Iraq as an Example.’ n 2006––2008 MA Thesis: ‘An Analytic Study of the Saudi Stock Market and its Effect on the Total Local Output.’ University of Kufa, Iraq n 2001––2005 BSc in Economics, Faculty of Management and Economics, University of Kufa, Iraq Scientific Background and Objectives Dr. Ali works as a scientific researcher at the University of Kufa. He studied International Economics focusing on the euro zone economy and how to transfer the concept to the Iraq economy. His doctoral thesis is titled ‘The Crisis of Sovereign Debts and its Reasons and Tracks. The Euro Zone and Iraq as an Example.’ As a participant of the split-site doctoral degree programme between Iraqi universities and FAU he had the chance to conduct parts of his research for his doctoral thesis in Erlangen. During his stay in Erlangen, he was able to benefit a great deal from the University Library and the seminars, conferences and symposia he had the pleasure to attend. Research Highlights Being specialised in research on economic crises, Dr. Ali is especially interested in the impact of the sovereign debt crisis in Europe regarding its economic and commercial relations with Iraq. His focus lies on the price fluctuations in oil and its influence on trade with the commercial partners suffering from the debt crisis. Future Perspectives In his postdoctoral research Dr. Ali will conduct specified research on the topic of his doctoral thesis. In the period of 2013––2014, there was a severe change in Iraqi oil export caused by different external and internal factors. Selected Publications n The relation between the sovereign debts in the Euro-zone and the Iraqi economy: Effect channels and affected scenarios, University Journal of Wasit University, 2014