ahmed sami al-mamoori ( Professor )
Faculty of Law - Law ( Dean )
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- Name: Ahmed Sami Marhoon Almamori - Date and place of birth: 1977 Baghdad - Workplace: Faculty of Law / University of Kufa. - Address: Iraq , Najaf , Kufa - Jurisdiction : commercial law. - Scientific titles: professor - mobile number 009647806866474 - Email: [email protected] PERSONAL SUMMARY - talented and ambitious lawyer who possesses a vast wealth of knowledge and has a proven record of providing indispensable advice to clients and delivering positive outcomes for them. Certificates - P H D in Law Faculty of Law / University of Baghdad 2008 - Master's degree in Business Law / University of Baghdad 2001 . - Bachelor's degree in law / University of Baghdad 1998 Positions - Head of Department of Law, Faculty of Law / University of Kufa in 2011 -2014 - Member of the Central Commission for Human Rights at the University of Kufa. - Member of the Scientific Council to Kufa Journal of Legal and Political Sciences . - Legal Adviser to the Najaf International Airport. Experience - Computer experience in various operational programs. - Languages: Arabic excellent, English very good. Human Resources Development certificate TOT , Arab Organization for Administrative Development, Egypt, 2012. Workshop of development of universities, Pusan National University, South Korea in 2014 . Workshop international foundations to fight corruption in business administration, Beirut, Lebanon 0.2012. The first International Conference on the University of Beni Suef, Egypt 10-12 / March / 2012 Workshop democracy and human rights work, the Iraqi Institute for the promotion of democracy, Sulaimaniya 2013. First Arab Conference, the development of the legal and national consciousness, cabinet, Baghdad 0.2013 Philip Jessup Competition default of the Court in 2013 and 2014, Erbil. Workshop legal clinics project in colleges Iraqi law, the US development agency USAID, Baghdad, in 2013 and 2014 Workshop faculty of the University of Kufa for the principles of human rights, Baghdad, the headquarters of the UN Office Iraq (UNAMI) 2014. Research 1. Insurable interest and its applications in the marine insurance in the Iraqi maritime law . 2 . Reservations of the bill of lading 3 . The legal system of investment Contract of Najaf International Airport 4 Partnership research between the Iraqi University and companies 5 Comparative advertising . 6 E-risk In insurance contract Legal competencies - Knowledge of tax and corporate law . - Ability to balance priorities and co-ordinate work effectively - Leadership skills. - Interacted frequently with clients . - Drafted, edited and negotiated contract . -