Ahmed Rashid Alsharmani ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Science -
[email protected]
Education: 1998-2003: B.Sc. in Agriculture, Plant Protection Department, Kufa University, Iraq. 2008-2010: M.Sc in plant protection, Kufa University, Plant Protection Department, Iraq. 2014-2018: PhD in Agriculture and Environment, Soil microbiology, Mycorrhizal fungi, The University of Western Australia in the School of Agriculture and Environment. The title of my thesis is “Dynamics of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in pasture plants in response to fertilisers and soil amendments”. Employment and Research Experience: June 2014 – 2018 PhD Student School of Agriculture and Environment, University of Western Australia, Australia Apr 2010 – Mar 2013 Assistant Lecturer Department of Ecology, Faculty of Science, University of Kufa, Iraq Apr 2003 – Mar 2007 Research Assistant (As casual) Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kufa, Iraq. Key Skills • Experienced in field experimentation • Experienced soil sampling and soil analysis • Experienced in experimental design data processing and analysis using GENSTAT 12, Minitab 18. I also have some knowledge of R and interpret the results • Proficient in computer technology, especially Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) • Experienced in conduct of complex research projects including planning and management • Experienced in root sampling and analysis – including colonisation by mycorrhizal fungi • Experienced in keep up with current knowledge, reviewing findings of other researchers • Experienced in presenting research findings to scientists, non-scientist executives, other colleagues • Good negotiation skill • Good interpersonal skills, including ability to work as part of a team. • Strong organisational skills including work under pressure and achieve deadlines • Well-developed and effective communication skills Languages: Arabic (mother tongue), I have a good knowledge of English for oral communication and report writing, Scientific Memberships: Soil Science Australia; Iraqi Agriculture Union Publications Conference and Technical Publications: • Mickan B., Alsharmani A, Solaiman Z, Abbott LK, 2018. Plant-dependent soil bacterial responses following amendment with mineral and chemical fertilisers are driven by soil pH. The 10th International Symposium on Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH (PSILPH) Malaysia. • Alsharmani A, Abbott LK, Solaiman Z, 2017. Commercial mineral-based and chemical fertilisers influence mycorrhizas in pasture plants. ICOM9 9th International Conference on Mycorrhiza. Prague, Czech Republic. • Alsharmani A, Abbott LK, Solaiman Z, 2015. Interactions between nitrogen and phosphorus alter mycorrhizal colonisation of annual pastures. WA Soil Science Conference in Mandurah, Australia. Scientific Publications: • Alsharmani A, Alwan S, 2012. Test the Ability of Some Fungal Species in Biodegradation of Different Chemical Pesticides. Kufa University Journal of biology 121, 68–73. Manuscripts in Preparation • Alsharmani A, Solaiman Z, Nayla R Kazi, Abbott LK. Interactions between phosphorus and nitrogen alter mycorrhizal colonisation in two co-existing annual pasture species • Alsharmani A, Solaiman Z, Mickan B, Abbott LK. Effects of mineral-based and conventional chemical fertilisers on mycorrhizal communities and nutrient uptake in pasture plants • Alsharmani A, Solaiman Z, Abbott LK. Interactions between forms of oil mallee biochar and fertilisers of different solubility on mycorrhiza formation in annual ryegrass under adequate phosphorus conditions • Alsharmani A, Easton, J. Solaiman Z, Mickan B, Abbott LK. Evaluation of the residual effect of long-term application of lime and phosphorus on mycorrhizal fungi and ryegrass growth