ahmed naji Al Ghurairi ( Professor )
Faculty of Arts - History
[email protected]
Dr. Ahmed Naji Full Name: Ahmed Naji Ne'ma Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa Degree: Professor Births: Baghdad, 1959 My email: [email protected] Mobile: 07813526o172 He earned his bachelor's, master's and doctorate from Baghdad University / Faculty of Education Ibn Rushd. Dr. Emad Abdulsalam Raouf was the supervisor of the Masters in 1994 and of the Ph.D. in 2000. Married with five children. Other activities and participations: 1 work within the committees to open the postgraduate / PhD / History Department University of Wasit 5/5/2008 and Basra and Kufa. 2 was honored by the Association of Historians and Archaeologists in Iraq on the occasion of the day of the historian Iraqi Army Thursday, 12 September 2002 3 - Contribute to the supplement of our university newspaper with many articles, and the receipt of books of thanks from the university presidency at the time. 4 Editor-in-Chief of Al-Asir newspaper (only five monthly editions were issued in 2004) 4 Editor-in-Chief of Al-Ustaz University. (2005-2014). 5- Member of the promotion committee in the Faculty of Arts. Two years 6. Member of the Central Promotions Committee: 7 Chairman of the Graduate Studies and Scientific Committee in the Department of History / Faculty of Arts. 8 - Member of the committee to follow the curriculum / Faculty of Arts 9 Member of Central Curriculum Committee / Ministry of Higher Education.