Ahmed Jaafar Alansari ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Arts - Civil Society
[email protected]
Academic title: Lecturer Certificate: Master General Specialty: Sociology Specialization: Anthropology Academic Certificate 1. Bachelor of Sociology/the University of Baghdad / Faculty of Arts/ 2002. 2. Master of Anthropology/ the University of Baghdad / Faculty of Arts/2005. 3. Ph.D. Anthropology / University of Southern Illinois2019. Published Scientific Research 1. University Students’ Attitudes Toward Early Marriage 2. The Historical Approach of Dr. Ali Al - Wardi 3. The role of women in the Islamic Social Structure Positions Held 1. The director of the unit of the university performance in Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa 2. / 2008-2009. 3. Place of work: Faculty of Liberal Arts / University of Kufa / Department of Philosophy. 4. The subjects he had taught: Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Sociology, Social Psychology, Civil Society, Introduction to General Psychology, Freedom and Democracy, Human Rights. 5. In addition to supervising undergraduate research for fourth grad students. 6. A visiting Scholar at UFM-D Jan/2018- Aug/2018 7. Research Assistant at UFM-D Jan/2018- May/2018 Rewards and Thanks 1. A letter of thanks from the President of the University of Kufa 2. Three thanks from the Dean of the Faculty of Arts Current interests Study of refugees from Middle Eastern communities and immigrant communities. Iraqi community in the United States (the Iraqi community in the state of Michigan as a model). Building social and cultural identities of immigrant minorities. Social, cultural and linguistic transformation processes among immigrant communities.