Ahmed Hadi Alghazali ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Physical Planning - ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
MS.c Computer Engineering - Computer Networking - K.N.Toosi University of Technology - Tehran - Iran ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ Head of the Environmental Department Assistant at the College of Physical Planning. ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ Manager of the Computer and Internet Center at the College of Physical Planning ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ Administrator of the College Website ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ Director of the Registration Center of High School Graduates.