Ahmed Hashem Al-Sulttani ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Physical Planning -
[email protected]
I worked at the University of Karbala in the unit Razzazah Research and west of the Euphrates since 2004 and until 2006, then I moved to work at University of Mustansiriyah in the College of Education - Department of Geography till 2015. I taught undergraduate students the subjects of geographic techniques and geomorphology, as well as postgraduate students the subjects of Geomorphology, advanced statistics, spatial analysis and modeling, I got a scholarship for post-doctorate at Warsaw University in Poland in remote sensing as well as in America courses in the field of soil, groundwater geophysical investigation and remote sensing studies, in 2015 I moved to work in University of Kufa – College of Physical Planning and I am currently teaching the subjects of remote sensing and geographic information systems to graduate students at this college.