Ahmed Bahaa Al-kafajey ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - History
[email protected]
- Name: Ahmed Baha Abdul Razak Hussein - Nascent: Baghdad 1980 - Certificate: Ph.D. - Academic Title: Doctor teacher - General jurisdiction: modern history - The exact jurisdiction: the history of contemporary Europe - University: University of Kufa - College: College of Education for Girls - Position: University Professor - Administrative work: the decision Department of History - Scientific activity: First - Research: published many papers on the Iraqi, Arab and foreign magazines, including: - To call in Pharaonic Egypt during the nineteenth century. - The historic and strategic importance to the Dahlak Islands. - In Egypt, Mohammed Mahdi Jeweler hair and his memoirs. - French Popular Front and its political role in France / Algeria publication in 2016. - Fascist organizations and political role in France. - The impact of Iran scholars in the Iraqi political thought / publication in Iran in 2015 Second: Conferences: participated in many conferences inside and outside Iraq, including: 1. poet Iraq largest conference (Jeweler) - Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa in 2011. 2. common heritage conference between Iraq and Iran - Islamic Republic March 2015. 3. tribe Conference Almojtby- Imam Hassan (AS) - the Islamic University College -najaf 2015. 4. The annual scientific symposium: Mustansiriya Center for Arab and International Studies -gamah Mustansiriya. May 2015.