Ahmed A. Al-Imarah ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Administration and Economics - Business Management  
[email protected]
Ahmed Abdulhussein Talib Al-Imarah Mobile: 009647811937811 E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected] Education/Academic Qualification: Doctor of Philosophy, University of Bath (UK) in Management. Assistant professor at the University of Kufa, consult and research in quality management and organization studies. My research investigates global trends in Higher Education Management, with a focus on quality assurance, innovation, as well as strategy and organization studies in general. Prior positions and events: Fellow teaching at the University of Bath 2016-2018. I have appointed as a strategic managerial consultant in the several private and public institutions, including managerial consultant with Habitat Organization (UN). Director of quality assurance at the University of Kufa 2009 - 2013. Director of Research and Development at the University of Kufa 2008-2009. Member of Supreme Council for Quality Assurance at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research 2009-2011. Global Events and Developmental Programmes: I have Participated in several Global Conferences and programmes to develop experiences and skills, such as the Conference of Durban, Geneva 2009; The Human Rights Conference, Geneva 2008; new developments in curriculum, University of Kentucky (USA) 2010; and many programmes in UK institutions. Willing to supervise Ph.D.: I am interested in Ph.D. applications related to quality management, innovations, strategy and organization studies in general.